professional Fellowship

Postdoctoral Fellows

Oxford International College Of Science is a highly ranked research-intensive college that works across a wide range of knowledge areas.

It has a focus on the humanities (including the social sciences); commerce, law and administration; engineering and the built environment; Health sciences and sciences. Research intensity comes from an overall focus on research activities. Hence, the university encourages post-doctoral research and therefore offers a large number of post-doctoral fellowships annually. Currently, Wits is implementing a plan to increase the intensity of his research and part of that plan is to increase the number of Postdoctoral Fellows.

Besides enhancing the college’s research output, the purpose of the Postdoctoral Fellowship is to assist in the professional development of recent doctoral graduates who prepare them for a career. To some extent it can be considered a “vocational training” or two-year academic training. While conducting the internship, the Postdoctoral Fellow will conduct independent research as well as participate in the professional activities of the host school.

How to apply for a Postdoctoral Fellowship

The best way to get started is to find a host who is willing to guide you during the fellowship. This means finding an intelligent professional working in a field of research similar to yours. It is helpful to choose someone you know or at least know their work. However, assuming you don’t know any of the college’s top professionals, the best way to talk to potential hosts is to search through the college’s website by looking specifically at college and school descriptions that are closely related to your field of research interest. These pages contain lists of employees you should feel free to contact. The Research Office can provide limited support in this process.