About Oxford International College 

Oxford College offers a unique environment where adults work

They can build their education on lifelong learning.

Our innovative teaching and learning model helps adult students meet

Education challenges and earning degree credentials

They need to develop their career.

Mission & Values


To provide academically excellent, time-efficient, and cost-effective

education for a diverse population of working adults for whom

those opportunities may have been limited or denied.


Oxford College is a responsive learning community, where

working adults can find ways to make the personal and professional

changes they need to achieve their goals.

Learning at ICambridge College takes place in an atmosphere of true

diversity, where students support each other in a collaborative

learning process that respects their needs and values, their prior

learning and life experiences.


We are one of leading academic centers, and a self-governed

community of scholars.

Excellence in teaching and learning is all about people and our

international community of staff and scholars bring valuable diversity

to our work.

Our growing cohort of international students informs and enriches our

activities, contributing to our ranking as one of the world’s leading


General Administration Department Tracks

A- The Civil Service Track: The Civil Service Track aims to introduce the student to the role and importance of the workforce in the public sector and to provide him with the principles, basic concepts and applied processes of the civil service. Evaluate their work and determine their rights and duties, which will achieve the development of the civil service and raise the productivity of workers, and know the extent of the relationship and impact of comprehensive quality, globalization and e-government on the management of individuals in public organizations.

This major focuses on: manpower planning, job classification, wage and salary systems, government employment policies, administrative training, and performance appraisal.

B- Organization and Administrative Development: The study of administrative organization and development aims to provide the organizational dimensions and the role of administrative development as a basis for economic and social development, and the reasons and importance of establishing administrative development units in all government agencies and public institutions in the Kingdom, and providing the student with systematic knowledge of organizational development models and strategies for consultancy, where it can be Through this specialization, senior administrations and units of organization, training and administrative development are provided with specialized human frameworks that contribute to the development of public organizations to meet current and future needs.

This specialization focuses on: working methods and methods, applied behavior, organizational analysis, management consulting and delivery in public organizations, and administrative development devices.