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We selected online DBA programs from accredited, nonprofit colleges and universities and have ranked the programs according to their affordability. Affordability has been determined utilizing each school’s per credit tuition rate for the individual programs. These tuition rates are run through a formula that compares the school’s tuition rate to the other schools in the list as well as to another school that offers a similar degree program at the highest possible tuition rate we can find. Based upon these comparisons, our formula converts tuition rates into a score of 1-100 and our ranking is formed accordingly. Schools whose converted tuition scores are the same are ranked according to their actual tuition rates.

The online Doctor of Business Administration is an end-level professional degree that focuses on business theory and practice and is designed for individuals moving into the highest positions in business or transitioning from business to academic careers. For academic job seekers, it is important to keep in mind that universities will prefer candidates whose education is accredited at the program level. For database administrators, this means accreditation by the International Association for Collegiate Business Education, or the Association to Advance Collegiate Business Schools.

While we have included both online Ph.D. and DBA programs in this ranking, it is important to note the differences therein as these are not identical degrees. Namely, a DBA focuses on applying theory to real-world practice. Its application-based approach offers flexibility in career choice, with many career options open outside of academia and scholarly research. The Ph.D. can also serve graduates beyond academia, but its focus is on preparation for academic careers. The DBA can lead candidates to careers in academia, but many institutions are moving to prefer Ph.D. holders for full-time faculty positions, so those who know they are pursuing careers in academia would be best served by the Ph.D.

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