British accreditation bodies and ratifications                              

Accreditation of the donor college

State Governor’s Certification

British Foreign Office Certification

Attestation of the student’s embassy in London

For example, from the embassy of a person’s country

Attestation by the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the case of the student’s country of Egypt

Attestation by the British Embassy in Egypt

Attestations are available from the embassies of Arab countries in Britain, and you can view the available embassies.                              

Egyptian Embassy

     Saudi Embassy

     Omani Embassy

     Iraqi Embassy

     Kuwaiti Embassy

     Jordanian Embassy

     UAE Embassy

    Qatari Embassy

     The Syrian embassy

     Sudanese Embassy

    Algerian Embassy

    Tunisian Embassy

     Moroccan Embassy

    the Libyan embassy

     Yemeni Embassy

    Bahraini Embassy

     Lebanese Embassy

    The Palestinian embassy

Attach the following documents to the website mail:

[email protected]

First: A copy of ID or passport.

Second: Copies of the certificates obtained as an example of certificates (courses – diplomas – practical experiences – participation in seminars or conferences – certificates of excellence – research or literature).

Fees are paid by bank transfer or from any exchange company in the bank account of the college in London or any bank account in the name of the college or its agent for international certificates.

Or you can pay at the college headquarters with a special official receipt from the college from its website about the fees:

Or you can transfer by mail or Western Union from any country (which is a people transfer)

Please send a copy of the deposit, transfer, or reservation at the institution’s headquarters, or send a copy to

[email protected]

The delivery period for the certificate is from 30 to 35 days