professional Research

We invest annually in our programme of education research so that education reform can be evidence informed. Our research informs policymakers around the world as well as our own work on the ground – and it is all available to download free here on our website.

You can also find our rapid response Covid-19 related research, including eight rapid-turnaround reports for EdTech Hub and three for the K4D helpdesk in our dedicated


Covid-19 and the non-governmental education sector

The non-governmental sector provides the only viable option for people’s learning in many parts of the world – particularly in low-income countries where government-run systems are often overwhelmed and unable to keep pace with the demand for education – but it does not receive much interest in policy and research.


Teacher management in different environments worldwide

Globally, there are 70.8 million forcibly evolving people. Of these, 25.9 million are students, more than half of whom are private. Effective management of teachers is fundamental to ensuring inclusive, equitable and high-quality education for these young people, and teachers are the most important factor affecting student learning. In situations of crisis and displacement, the role of teachers is particularly important: they are sometimes the only resource available to students. This report looks at teacher management in different contexts and is the second in a series of recent reports. It contributes to a burgeoning body of evidence about teachers in evolving contexts and aims to provide decision guidance to support modern professional education.